Tarleton State University hosted its third annual overnight softball camp from Tuesday-Thursday with coach Mark Cumpian, who recruited roughly 15 of his players to help.

The camp works on infield and outfield fundamentals.

Campers who attended range from sixth through 12th grade.

“We have a lot of older kids here,” Cumpian said. “It’s good to see as it helps with our recruiting when kids come to camp. They are doing well. It’s good to see young talent come to the camp.”

Since Cumpian managed to get some of his players back to the university to help with the camp, he allows them to run different stations.

“I go around and make sure everything is ran accordingly,” he said. “(The athletes) have done a good job. I’m happy to see all my players come back to help with the camp.”

Not only is this the third year Tarleton has hosted the softball camp, it’s also the highest attended.

“We’ve had a great turnout every year,” Cumpian said. “This year we are right at 100 kids, which is perfect because I don’t think I could handle anymore. The camp seems to be growing every year.”