Coach Shay Douglas, who is a Tarleton alumnus and has recently taken over the volleyball program, along with the rest of the Stephenville ISD middle and high school volleyball coaching staff worked with first through ninth grade girls to build on passing and serving skills.

“Tuesday, we worked on first contact stuff,” Douglas said. “So we worked on a lot of passing and serving. To me, those are the two most important skills. If we can’t pass and serve well then we aren’t going to be able to do fun stuff, which is attacking. We got our passing and serving form down.”

Since each grade has a different skill set based on age and experience, Douglas said they make the drill fit their ability level.

“Overall, they did a pretty good job and I think the girls did well,” Douglas said.

From 1-3 p.m. over the course of the three days, the coaching staff worked with first through fifth graders.

“It’s always a challenge because (the kids) are so much younger, but they’re going to learn the basics of passing,” Douglas said. “They’re tiny so we’ll drop the net so they have some success. It should be fun.”

The reason why there is a $10 difference in price for the two different age groups is because the older girls have a longer camp. “(The camp) is a little bit strenuous,” Douglas said.

All of the girls involved in this volleyball camp are Stephenville residents.

“We’re just working to get better and build the future,” Douglas said.