More often than not athletes who focus on arm strength in baseball and football cause 'oohs' and 'awes' from the stands, but this year the most dominant athlete at Stephenville High School may just be doing it with his feet.

Stephenville soccer player Aaron Veloz is as impressive as they get at the high school level.

Veloz helped lead the team last season on its most successful campaign in which they only lost one match, in the regional tournament to Life Oak Cliff. Those high aspirations aren't changing and Veloz and the team began their district schedule off right Friday night with a 4-1 win over Mineral Wells.

"Like always, we want to be district champions, just like last season," said Veloz. "We want to go back-to-back. I think this year, with this team, that we can certainly do that. We have experience and we have some new guys that I think can definitely make an impact."

To achieve that, the style of play they used last season may have to be tweaked. While Veloz is confident in himself and the team, he's also aware that coaches and opposing teams are aware of what burned them last season.

"I think we'll likely have to play a different style at some point, but that isn't something that's bad," he said. "We're going to have to move the ball around a lot more and pass more directly. We used a lot of through-balls last season and we may have to shy away from that at some point."

In addition, the Yellow Jackets also graduated a large senior class last year meaning there are lots of new faces on the field to go with the target of reigning district champions on their backs.

But while the opposition hopes to contain Veloz and his teammates, some of the returning players and their experience will be hard to top.

"The teams in our district know how good we are. They also know that we lost a lot of guys from last season too," said Veloz. "We have some of us from last season back though, Tino (Rocha) and Ivan (Cabrera) are two notable guys who were key last season and are still here, so our opponents know we're still dangerous. They will definitely be wanting to take us down."

As the season continues, Veloz isn't keeping track of his goals or assists. He's judging his performances all-together and as a team.

"I just want to be as good or better than I was last season," he said. "I don't have statistical goals, I want us as a team to achieve a lot this season and I think we can do that. We can play with anyone and we're looking forward to the challenge in front of us."