With football season all wrapped up, Stephenville athletics fans are shifting their focus to the hardwood, and offering some insight before the Yellow Jackets' home opener tonight is junior player Clay Krause. 

E-T: What's the excitement like among the team with the home opener being tonight?

CK: I know that we've worked hard for this, all last spring and this summer. We just got our football guys back and being with them is going to make things roll. Just being able to get on the floor with those guys will be nice. We're looking for a win (tonight) and we're going to play hard.

E-T: What's it like playing for coach Bill Brooks?

CK: I had the opportunity to play for Coach Normand before Coach Brooks had the varsity job and he does a lot of what Coach Normand did. He doesn't yell a lot, but he's very personal. We're all one big family and he is there to help us with anything. Whether it's basketball or personal, he's got our backs.

E-T: What are your goals this season?

CK: With this being my first season on varsity, I'm going in knowing I have to be somewhat of a leader, but I know have to learn from the older guys. We've adopted a new game plan this season and I'm looking forward to learning from the older guys, but also making an impact. 

E-T: What's your favorite thing about being an athlete?

CK: It's a tradition here. It's honestly something that's famous. Stephenville athletics is known all around the state and success is just something that's made here. I think continuing to create that success is what being an athlete here is all about. 

E-T: What do want to pursue after graduation?

CK: I'll likely attend either Texas Tech or Oklahoma State. Right now, I'm planning on majoring in architecture and civil engineering, but I'm not set on that yet. Things can definitely still change.