With the TexAnn volleyball season finally underway, freshman right-side hitter Alexis Applewhite spoke about her early experience with the TexAnns.

E-T: What has it been like for you entering a program and a team coming off such a successful year?

AA: It’s definitely motivated me to push myself and my teammates hard every day. It’s been a bit overwhelming, but I’ve been working hard in the gym and I think we can repeat what we did last season.

E-T: How do you want to improve your game?

AA: I want to be more vocal and be a leader. I know how I can play and what I bring to the table and I want to prove that to my teammates.

E-T: What’s one thing you’re excited about being a student athlete here?

AA: I’m super excited about just playing in this gym and doing what I love and playing this sport. Another thing I’m looking forward to is being able to choose what I want to study.

E-T: What has it been like coming from Sugarland and moving to Stephenville?

AA: I love Stephenville already. It’s really homey to me. Sugarland is a really big place. Here, it just feels like home and everyone knows one another. That’s something I haven’t experienced and I like it.

E-T: Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself graduating from Tarleton and being a pediatrician.