The E-T caught up with Tarleton State University Baseball’s Alec Humphreys to talk about how this season is going and to learn a little more about the man behind the glove.

Humphreys is from Midlothian and is a senior kinesiology major at TSU.

E-T: What position do you play?

AH: Shortstop.

E-T: How long have you been playing baseball?

AH: Since I was about six or seven, so 14-15 years.

E-T: Have you been playing shortstop the whole time?

AH: Most of the time. I took a little break once I first got into college but it’s nice to be back.

E-T: What is your favorite part of the game?

AH: Competition and team concept; I mean it’s not just you out there, it’s a bunch of guys who have your back. They’re always going to be there for you on the field and off the field.

E-T: How was last season for you?

AH: It could have been better, but it also could have been worse. We had good days and we had bad days, and hopefully this season we’re looking to be a little bit better and that’s what we’re focused on now.

E-T: Anything specific that’s new or different?

AH: New faces but it’s still the same game of baseball. We still play it the same way, nothing’s changed.

E-T: How are you going to find success this year?

AH: Success comes from your own expectations. Everyone defines success in their own way, so in our minds if we do what we’re capable of doing to our greatest potential than in our minds we’ll have success.