So many of us feel it: we are exhausted by the strains between us, tired of being mad and even paranoid about the intent of “the other” due to current politics.  And many if not most of us are truly worried about whether, if the dust settles, we can bond together, trust each other enough to feel unified.

We are faced with pretty remarkable extremes as our Presidential choices, which far from helps our future confidence.  The answer is a moderate who can speak a more universal language, the language of effectiveness, compromise and bipartisanship.

Such a candidate is Senator Amy Klobuchar, the moderate choice.  She unabashedly admits to her belief in capitalism, stating her trust in the processes that give individuals the right to choose and use themselves to their best effects, while promoting the well-being of working individuals in her advocacy for the $15 an hour minimum wage that helps hard-working families actually survive on 40 hour week jobs.  In fact, Amy’s “efforts on behalf of working families” earned her Working Mom magazine’s “Best in Congress” award by 2008, only two years into her first term.

Amy currently promotes working-class prosperity through plans for free tuition for vocational schools and community college degrees, accessible child care, consumer protections, affordable rent, public school funding, and more. 

Her health care plans promote the progress toward effective coverage at lowered costs, as we all want, she including a public option without burning down the safety nets that so many millions of Americans have already worked to attain.

Klobuchar’s climate initiative is both “urgent” and pragmatic, immediate actions balanced with clean energy and infrastructure plans.

Perhaps Amy’s most remarkable feature is her ability to work with the other side while retaining her pragmatic approach to solving our problems as evidenced by both her ability to get bills through a nearly intractable Congress and the high number co-sponsored with Republicans.  A recent Vanderbilt study named her as “The Most Effective Democratic Senator” in the last Congress, and she was ranked #1 from 2014 – 2106 in the number of bills passed and enacted into law.  She gets things done for us.

The truth is that if we cannot talk to one another, the divorce is pending. We need the moderate mediator who can talk and work at the same time.  Please see more at Amy for America, 


Cathy Gregory