In today’s political climate it is difficult to know which candidates you can trust without actually knowing the candidate personally. It seems some candidates that run for office say anything they think we want to hear to get elected into or stay in office. Only after they are in office do we get to see the true nature of their character.  

Some make promises of improvement and tout their experience and training, yet when they are in office, they do little or just maintain the status quo. Still others tout their integrity and service while demonstrating a lack of both once they take the reins of office or during the campaign. It makes it difficult sometimes to know who to vote for in an election.

In my 38 years of military and public education service, I have become a pretty good judge of character and can usually tell when someone is blowing smoke.  

Like many in Erath County, I am conservative in both my politics and moral values. Since most races in this county only have Republican candidates, I realized I needed to inform myself about the candidates in the primary election.  

This primary, there is one race that I am completely certain about; that’s the race for Erath County sheriff.

Shortly after arriving in the Stephenville area 4 years ago, I came to personally know one of the candidates, Kent Howell.  

When I arrived, Kent was working as a sheriff deputy, and proudly serving in the Erath County Sheriff Department. His dedication to the job, to the citizens of Erath County, and to his own family impressed me greatly, and I thought what a great sheriff he would make for this county.  

I have since found out that many other respectable citizens in this county felt that same way about Kent. Kent’s straight-forward, empathetic, honest, even-tempered, and selfless attitude toward service to others is the characteristic that sets him apart from the self-admitted “hot-headed” incumbent candidate. 

Those attributes coupled with Kent’s determined willingness to do the work required to always make our county better and safer in all areas that law enforcement and citizen protection demand, are why I will choose Kent Howell over the current sheriff on Election Day.  

Dr. Chris Sloan,