This is an open letter to the caring and professional people we encountered in Stephenville during our time of need.

People carry out random acts of kindness, often without thinking twice and usually without any idea of the impact they are having on another person's life.  My wife and I want to express our appreciation for all the positive words and thoughtful actions TXDOT and medical personnel provided us on a cold, rainy night in Stephenville. 

Dear TXDOT, CareFlite, Texas Health Harris Methodist personnel: 

Thank you! You are doing an amazing job. 

You work long hours in physically demanding jobs, providing the public with a safety net we hope to never need. 

As a public servant you put your lives on pause while you manage the daily activities of those in your care. That does not go unnoticed.      

The care you provided us in our time of need cannot be defined through mere words.   

From the TXDOT worker, Brian, who came to our vehicle then stayed with us while calling for medical assistance, and his supervisor, Jason, who drove our vehicle to the hospital because my wife couldn’t drive while pulling a trailer; the EMTs who cared for me and calmed my wife and the hospital staff.   

You are respected. You are valued. And we are truly grateful for all that you do.


Mr. and Mrs. Wade

Lawton, OK