Dear Editor, 

I have just learned of the proposed closing of a block of Barton Street in order to accommodate a proposed building expansion by the First Baptist Church.  

I feel there should have been some kind of public notice about the closing or part of a public street in order to let those opposed to it have an opportunity to voice their opposition.  

Closing Lillian limited an already insufficient number of north-south streets and this further reduces the number of through north-south streets. This is a street used by members of two other churches on Sunday mornings. It is the street many use to go to the rec hall or park, the tax office and the public library.  

I understand that Chief Chew explained to the P&Z board last week that Barton Street is the main route taken to the park or rec hall when there is an emergency there. That one fact should absolutely convince the council NOT to close a portion of this road! 

Please do not begin letting private entities close our roads. That opens an entire can of worms we don’t need to open! Where would road closures stop if we started this? Traffic is increasingly bad as our city and Tarleton grows. We need every street in this town to remain open to accommodate that traffic!  

The council votes on this Oct. 1! Please contact your council members and let your opinion count!  


Glenda Jackson