Did you know that in the fiscal year of 2018-2019 the City of Stephenville has applied for and received $5,013,000 in state and federal grants with $1,250,000 pending and we should know if we are being awarded very soon. (We are confident in those applications being awarded!) 

These grants range from drainage projects, street and sewer projects, ambulance and fire truck purchases, police equipment and communications equipment, sidewalk improvement plans and a downtown revitalization project to name a few. 

That combined total is more than the $5,500,000 that the city collected in ad valorem tax in the same period. 

I will continue to work with my colleagues to make it a priority to bring your federal and state tax dollars back to Stephenville, Texas where they have an impact on your everyday life. 

This combined with economic development to grow both our ad valorem and sales tax base will allow us to keep property taxes as low as possible while meeting our citizens' needs.

Did you know the average city tax rate in the state of Texas is .77 per $100 of evaluation? 

The city of Stephenville‘s tax rate is proposed to be around .47 this upcoming year, that’s $450 a year cheaper on the average (150K) home in Stephenville, Texas. 

#Workingforyou #ConservativePrinciples

Brandon Huckabee,

Stephenville City Council Place 8