Texas milk production continues to grow month over month and year over year. The large quantity of milk Texas dairies produce – about 12 billion pounds annually and climbing – along with the long streak of milk production increases have people wondering what will slow down the milk flow.

Texas has been elevated to the fifth largest dairy producing state in the nation. We’re thankful for the strong state dairy industry, compared to other states where dairies are going out of business.

As milk production booms, what to do with all the milk? Growth is not expected to slow any time soon. Larger and more efficient barns are being built, and new processing and other facilities are coming on line this year. The new Select Milk Producers’ butter powder plant in Littlefield, scheduled to open in the coming months, is expected to fill very quickly.

Our strong and vibrant dairy industry is becoming a leader among Texas agriculture commodities and is being recognized by state leaders. The total economic impact of the dairy industry in Texas in 2017 was estimated at more than $3.5 billion – milk is ranked third in Texas agriculture commodities for its economic impact. When new data is available, expect economic impact to have grown.

Ultimately, our growth is due to the hard work by our state’s dairy farmers and the advances they’re implementing on their farms. We salute these dairy farmers, who are committed to feeding Texans healthy, wholesome milk and dairy products, year-round, not just during National Dairy Month.

Darren Turley is executive director of the Texas Association of Dairymen, www.milk4texas.org.