Love is the most misunderstood emotion in the whole world.

We hunger for it, thrive on it and search the world for it. Some have even died for it.

No matter which store you choose these days, bright red symbols of love loom everywhere. The business world makes millions on this so-called emotion. Is there a reason that one day a year, love is all we think about? 

Love makes us sweat, takes our breath away and even provokes us to anger.

Love is a warm fuzzy puppy and a gentle rainstorm.  It’s watching an elderly couple with 50 years of marriage behind them holding hands as they stroll the halls of a nursing home.

Love is, as the movie says, never having to say you’re sorry and seeing the worst in someone and loving them anyway.

Love is messy hair and a scraggly unshaven face and muddy boots on the clean kitchen floor.  Love is sharing our favorite foods and eating stuff you hate.

Love is caring about the unlovable. It involves cleaning soiled bed linens and mopping up mess after mess, and keeping on and keeping on.

Love hurts, makes us want to fight and bites us when we aren’t looking.

I’ve known love and I’ve lost it.  I’ve been filled with it and afraid of it.  I’ve realized true love is holding your grandchild in your arms and knowing God still has love and hope for a world gone mad.

Valentines cards in every store touch every scenario and every circumstance. We all struggle to say and do the right thing when love is staring us in the face.

Love builds us up and tears us down.  It comes with a million labels and is as unique as the person in whom it dwells. 

Love! A kiss on the cheek, a teardrop, a giggle and a handshake and the promise it will all be okay. 

That’s the kind of love I imagine and it happens more than one day a year.

Happy Valentines Day!

Melinda Clements is an E-T community columnist. She can be reached at