When I first started researching the upcoming proposed charter amendments, I was expecting to find a rudimentary, no frills cleanup of charter language.  However, when I read the text of Proposition 1, which intends to reduce the size of the city council, my immediate thought was, “why?” 

Recently, I attended a town hall meeting to find out what advantage this has for the citizens of Stephenville.  This appears to me, to be an attempt to streamline legislation. 

I fear, however that streamlining legislation is just a way of reducing opposing opinions.  This proposition has the appearance of reducing government size and while I am all for reducing government, I am against reducing representation. 

And that is just what Proposition 1 does.  It will reduce all of our voices and will create the possibility that a select few will be making major decisions that affect us all.  That is why I will be voting AGAINST Proposition 1 and FOR keeping our voices greater and more diverse. 

Nick Robinson,