Jennie Lou Leeder is an experienced, capable 7th generation Texan who is willing to promote positive change in our political climate.  She has integrity and is a smart, approachable person with a strong background in political and business leadership.  She believes we can grow the economy of our state and increase the quality of life without being beholden to special interests. 

There are 29 counties in U.S. Congressional District 11 with approximately 760,000 residents. Covering about 35,000 square miles, it is the 3rd largest congressional district in Texas.   Jennie Lou has talked with residents, businesses, school districts, and at town halls.   She knows who’s living in District 11 because she’s been to communities in every county within it to hear in person what they need from their representative.   

Quality education must be adequately funded.  A priority for Jennie Lou is to ensure that tax dollars paid toward PUBLIC schooling remains dedicated to PUBLIC schools - not redirected toward vouchers for private schools.  Many small schools in this congressional district are the lifeblood of their communities, and we cannot afford to let them fail.

Leeder will work for access to broadband internet because it is crucial for schools, families and businesses.  Plus, broadband internet access helps health care facilities in numerous small communities that are shrinking at an alarming rate.   

There is significant poverty in rural America and in this district.  Jennie Lou has spoken to rural Texans who have to wait in line weekly to receive food from a mobile food pantry and has talked to school administrators who told her about bags of food sent home weekly with hungry students.  Many of the residents of our district have to choose between food, housing or medical care.  The incumbent, Mike Conaway, introduced an amendment in May, currently in its final stages, making it harder for the working poor and our farmers to obtain food assistance.   This is unacceptable to Ms. Leeder who knows we can do better.

In her words, “I am running so all Texans have a voice at the table.  A voice that will fight for affordable and accessible healthcare; public education that includes affordable college; and humane immigration reform without a wall.”  

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Patricia Schipper,