10.  Beto is focused on the working men and women in Texas, as in his push for equal pay and life-saving health screenings for women, education that remains pubic and accessible, Medicare that remains government secured and not privatized, prison reform, including sufficient mental health provision, and ending for-profit prisons, and broadband for rural net access, etc. 

9.  Beto chose as US Representative to serve on the un-glamorous “basement” House Committees for Armed Services and Veterans Affairs to help veterans who are killing themselves at the rate of 20 a day, his chief focus their receiving health services and earned benefits. 

8.  Beto has visited Stephenville twice. The venue where he spoke was packed with both Democrats and Republicans, he has also visited all 254 counties in Texas, which is almost unheard of.

7.  Beto answers questions directly, such as how he feels about athletes protesting police killings of unarmed black men, the understanding that the individual woman is the one to make decisions about her own body, the outdated nature of marijuana laws, that military weapons that leave little chance for survival are against our collective interest, his OWNING of his own mistakes and how they have influenced his personal growth and commitment to public service. 

6.  Beto works across the aisle, as in his co-sponsoring bills with Republicans John Cornyn, Will Hurd and others. 

5.  Beto dares to have a vision of; universal healthcare, respectful treatment of minorities, integrity/ transparency in office through reforming gerrymandering, returning power to the people by refusing PAC money, Congressional term limits. 

4.  Beto is not afraid to say that humans need the Earth, therefore his fierce support for rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, engaging in responsible comprehensive energy reform, and re-empowering the EPA to exercise oversight of those harming the environment. 

3.  Beto takes absolutely no PAC, or “dark,” money – the antidote to the sell-out of politicians whose votes are purchased by wealthy supporters. 

2.  Beto eats at Whataburger- and not on $30,000 dining room tables paid for by us taxpayers.

1.  Beto provided Willie Nelson with a singing partner, singing, “If you don’t like who’s in there, “Vote Em Out.”

 What more could Texas want?


Charlene Illingworth,