I grew up in a small town. It was about one square mile large and the population was around 1,300 people. 

Most folks weren’t very politically active. Sure, they might show up and vote for their neighbor or cousin for city council, but they weren’t really informed on the issues. I don’t remember seeing many campaign signs in front yards and it was rare for a campaigner to show up at your door. 

It took a lot to get them going. 

Fast forward to last fall here in Stephenville. The town was buzzing with chatter about the upcoming Ranger College Annexation vote and streets were dotted with red campaign signs opposing the resolution. 

Citizens from all political parties, especially property owners like myself, were intentionally seeking out the facts and forming opinions about the resolution. It felt as if everyone in town knew about the election. 

I want a repeat of last fall. 

I want to encourage everyone to be politically active during this mid-term election season. There are important decisions to be made. Check to be sure that you are registered to vote and that your address is correct. 

Know what district(s) you live in. Read the sample ballot to learn which candidates are running - from all parties. 

Then, take some time to learn about each individual candidate’s views. Ask questions. Attend debates and town hall meetings. 

Finally, the most important step - show up and vote! Your vote matters. The general election is Nov. 6 and the last day to register is Oct. 9. 

Early voting begins Oct. 22. 

See you at the polls! 

Karen L. Aho,