When creating a company website, the framework is established to represent the company brand and purpose. After this has been done the content of the webpages can be created. This will be the most difficult part in developing the homepage. Knowing what to write and understanding the “why” of audiences is a challenge. Utilizing a worksheet, instilling an outline for the homepage content, and staying in the mindset of the audiences are three ingredients to a company’s homepage success.

Understanding the audience perspective of the webpage experience should always be the priority in developing any online content. Audiences should feel like they are the center of the universe when they access a homepage. Soon after they should begin to appreciate the author as they begin to read the objectives. To attain this reaction the website writer will need to create a pros and cons worksheet from the consumers point of view.

The worksheet is created by writing the customers objective for visiting the company website at the top of the page. Then begin listing the benefits and concerns of the objective. Remember to think as if you are the consumer when writing out the list. When you have completed the pros and cons list select the top benefit and the top concern. These two objectives will be the framework of the company’s homepage content.

Now that the goals of the homepage have been addressed it is time to write it out. If you’re not an imaginative writer, then make an outline. To begin the outline, I suggest you start with bullet points of what you want to teach, show, or portray to the audience. Remember to keep this as short as possible while still getting all the main points across. You only have a few seconds to grab viewers’ attention. The final sentence should conclude the message and intrigue the reader. There is not an exact science to the body’s layout but it needs to be original and catchy.

While writing do not lose focus on who’s perspective you are writing for – the audience. It is not for the business owner, it is for the current and future customers. Before deciding to publish the content on your website, review the content multiple times from the customers viewpoint and ask others to look at it. Verify with others that the goals and the content are both cohesive and precise. Writing mesmerizing homepage content is a challenge but it is very possible.

Fisher Rinderknecht is the founder and creative director of Flight Reach Productions. He is also a member of the E-T’s community columnists. He can be reached at fisher@flightreach.com.