I don't often publically endorse political candidates. However, a highly qualified individual and friend of mine is running for Erath County Judge and with this one, I feel he definitely warrants my support.  I have known Alfonso for over 20 years. While we're both Erath County boys, we had to travel to Austin and the State Emergency Operations Center to meet each other.

Alfonso, as the lead representative for Texas Parks and Wildlife to the State Emergency Management Council, repeatedly demonstrated his ability to accept challenges for resolution, a very high level of coordinating skills with multiple agencies to resolve issues to the best interest of all and, a strong ability to track and account for expenditures of public monies.

He does not back away from tough assignments and always contributes a positive attitude no matter how stressful the working environment. His ability to analyze and prepare for many situations is outstanding.  Alfonso always takes time to prepare ahead of time and have the information at hand whether in attending or conducting meetings, making presentations or coordinating the efforts of his agency or multiple agencies. All of these talents and capabilities can be, or are, a part of the job of County Judge in the day to day operations of Erath County.

One of the key, if overlooked, responsibilities of the County judge is to lead and representing Erath County in times of emergencies or disasters of any and all scales. His experience in leading his agency in response to emergencies ranging from support to Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina, response to Hurricanes Rita, Ike and others is both documented and unquestioned.

His ability to track, document, justify organizational spending is unique. Agencies such as his that respond to federally declared disasters and emergencies are eligible for federal reimbursement following those events. However, to receive the reimbursement the accounting, tracking and documentation required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is quite detailed and demanding.  He has always been able to complete these tasks without issue when, during major responses, it can be extremely challenging. At one time President George W. Bush was so impressed with the Game Wardens response, coordinated by Alfonso, that he named the Game Warden response boats the Texas Navy.

The skills I witnessed him demonstrate, both in daily work and coordination of activities during trying times all transfer and are applicable to the day to day operations of a governmental agency such as Erath County.  These same talents and skills make him the only candidate running for this office with the disaster/emergency management experience that may, or will, be required to serve the citizens of our Erath County.

Alfonso Campos is a conservative Republican candidate and highly qualitied. Please support and vote for Mr. Alfonso Campos for Erath County Judge.

Steve Trogdon,