I wholeheartedly support Julie Howell, EdD, candidate for Stephenville School Board, Place 1. Julie has an amazing resume of educational achievements, community commitments, and the professional and social skills that are imperative to lead our schools into the future.

I remember when Lem Brock, my father-in-law, coordinated the original deed for the high school. It was built as a state of the art facility decades ago. My children attended there and my six grandchildren attended all of the schools in Stephenville. So, I’m extremely familiar with SISD business and its leadership. Julie Howell has what it takes!

Julie is a daughter, mom, wife and Tarleton professor. With her exemplary history, ability to manage, analytical thinking, enthusiasm and strong ethical and moral values, I ask you to join me in voting for Julie!

When you ask yourself, “who do I entrust my children to at school?” I know my answer is a teacher or school authority, definitely, someone certified, educated with and empowered by knowledge regarding our schools.

Our School Board is the same, Julie Howell has all of the qualifications and more to sit on our School Board and continue its excellence for the students of Stephenville. We are a City of Champions and Julie is a definite champion!

I voted early and I voted for Julie Howell!


Marla Bush,