I encourage you to vote for Brandon Huckabee in Place 8. 

Brandon is intelligent, fiscally responsible and a good person. He will make an excellent city councilman for the city of Stephenville. You could say I am biased and you would not be far off the spot.  

I am his grandmother and have known him all his life. I have watched him grow from elementary, junior high and Stephenville High. I have watched him grow from a tenacious and rambunctious boy, to the man he is today, an excellent husband, daddy and good citizen.   

He is a level-headed businessman who wanted to raise his family in Stephenville.  In order to take care of them, he began his own business, Huckabee Inspection Group and it has grown into what you see today.  

He has a precious wife and daughter and the family is involved in making Stephenville the best possible place to live, work and play.  

Your vote would be very much appreciated. His guardian angel, Leon Manley, is watching from above and I know how proud he would be of his grandson. Brandon makes our family so proud.

Thank you for your vote, 

Shirley Manley,