I have worked alongside Dr. Julie Howell for almost two years. I am so excited to see a candidate for the school board with expertise and experience in curriculum, teaching, educational leadership, technology use in education, and public school law. 

So many candidates boast about their business experience, and Dr. Howell has this too. She is the entire package! Not only does she have the qualifications in all areas required for this position, she also has drive and determination to accomplish great tasks like no-one I have ever seen. 

While applying for, acquiring, and managing thousands of dollars in grant monies for Tarleton State University, working a fulltime job teaching current and future teachers, and being a mother and wife, she also completed a doctorate degree in educational leadership. No other candidate running can come close to meeting Dr. Howell's qualifications, drive, and desire to serve the Stephenville public school system. 

She and her husband Kent's conservative values are strongly representative of this community and the fine people living here. Her bid for this position is not about power or position, but about helping the children, faculty, and administrators of Stephenville ISD, while serving the best interests of the citizens of this great city. 

Her successful bid for this position will be a positive step for Stephenville, and the fulfillment of her dream to serve you, the constituents of SISD, in this capacity.. As a retired Air Force veteran, a teacher, a former principal, a current professor, and leader in education, I fully endorse Dr. Howell for this position. 

Chris Sloan, Ph.D.

MSgt (Ret.), USAF