The upcoming SISD Bond is a MUST for us to approve, if we are going to continue to have the educational system in Stephenville that we have come to expect!

Thanks to the bond that progressive citizens approved in the early 1970’s, the class of 1976 was the first to graduate from a top-notch system with “the best” facilities in the area!  Followed by subsequent bonds, SISD brought Intermediate School, Junior High School, and both Elementary Schools up to the facilities standards we all expect.  Now, it is time to bring Stephenville High School and Gilbert Intermediate School back to that top-notch position they once enjoyed!

If citizens of the past 50 years had not stepped up to their responsibility and voted for these prior bonds, Stephenville would not have grown as we have.  During this time, many industries and businesses have come to Stephenville because of SISD and TSU, which have provided great educations for their employees’ families. 

Yes, our taxes will rise some, but that is a small price to pay to have our children educated as they need to be and in a safe environment.  We have heard some folks agree with the concept of the bond proposal, but feel the amount is too many dollars at one time. We believe the entire bond proposal is justified. We encourage you to study the proposal and tour the facilities. We think you will come to the same conclusion that now is the time to pass the entire bond as proposed!

Join us in coming out and voting YES on the SISD bond proposal.

Dwain Bruner and Greg Bruner,