In an episode of one of my favorite childhood cartoons "Masters Of The Universe,” He-Man's magical sidekick, a wizard named Orko finds himself in a jam when he makes clones of himself so he can perform a certain magic trick for the King and Queen of Eternia but then he and his clones start to argue and no one can come to an agreement on how to do the trick. Finally, Prince Adam (He-Man's alter ego) quitens them down and says "When things go bad, teamwork's the answer,” Orko and his clones get in a huddle and after a little discussion, they all perform the magic trick together.

Anyone in the entertainment business knows how important several people working together is. If you've ever heard a good band like The Beatles or Rolling Stones, you'll know that each individual musician is depending on each other to produce a sound pleasing to the ear. I mean, would you buy a record with 30 minutes of nothing but Ringo Starr banging on the drums or Mick Jagger singing a cappella? I sure wouldn't. Working together doesn't stop there because when these big name musicians go out in public to perform, they have to have a driver to get them where they need to go, a crew to haul all those big speakers, lights, stage, etc. into the place where they're booked, someone to sell T-shirts and albums, someone to let the public know they're in town, the list goes on.

The main thing about working as a team is that everyone depends on each other. One person not helping could result in a disaster, I learned this lesson the hard way when I was in my college orchestra. We were entertaining at a school dinner and after we were through, I go put my guitar up then just stand around talking with people when everyone else is taking down our equipment, one of our guys pulled me aside and said "In this group, everyone helps set up and everyone helps take down" and once I started to pitch in and help, I began to notice how everyone was able to get everything put up and loaded a lot faster.

Of course, when you hear the word "team" you automatically think of sports and this also calls in the old phrase "There is no 'I' in 'TEAM' " and that is so true. You wouldn't turn on the TODAY show and hear the announcer's booming voice saying "This Just In: Troy Aikman has won the Super Bowl" or "Nolan Ryan won the World Series." Of course you wouldn't because the recognition goes to the entire team, which gives everyone relief that as a group, they all worked together, made something good happen, and now, they're reaping the benefits of it.

I've recently started a new journey here in town as a busboy at a local restaurant (Yes, I still do music. Don't worry, I could never quit that) and on my first day, I walked in scared to death, thinking it was gonna be one of those "Well, if Tim doesn't do it, it won't get done" kind of jobs but I was amazed at how everyone in the building depended on each other.

If I have to clean up a big table and can't do it all by myself, some of the waitresses will step in and help. In return, if a waitress needs something, sometimes I have to jump in and help. I complemented one of our waitresses last week about this and told her I appreciated the help, she gave me a quote that I use as motivation to get the job done no matter how hectic things get: Teamwork makes dreamwork.

There is a Classic Rock song that says these words: United, we stand. Divided, we fall. Come on now, people, let's all get on the ball and work together. So if you really want to accomplish something that seems impossible but can't do it alone, call some friends, assemble a team, and make it happen because to rephrase the words of Prince Adam and my co-worker, when things go bad, teamwork is the answer and that's what really makes a dream work.

Tim Turnbeaugh is a musician who was born and reared in Eastland County but currently resides in Stephenville. Tim can be contacted at