I'm a proud graduate of SHS and have a freshman daughter here now. Stephenville is a special place to grow up and I often tell people that SHS has the BEST kids. The fact that our students can be involved in so many different activities and find great success is part of what makes this school special. 

As a SHS sophomore in theatre, I remember working to inform the school board and public about the need for stage lights and a sound system for our stage and getting them as a junior. We felt so special and loved by our community. We have come such a long way with a full theatre program including 4-5 full stage productions, usually including a musical and multiple state champions in UIL Theatrical Design and UIL Film. We are the current UIL 4A Theatre Team State Champions.
Our kids give back too! They gave of their time this year in a benefit performance for the Erath County Humane Society, will perform at Stop the Silence Rally, and provide entertainment at the special education banquet later this month. SHS Theatre kids love this community!
My daughter loves SHS and I know a huge part of that is the activities she is in involved with. She is in band, color guard, and theatre and plans to take choir next year. She, like so many other students, keep their grades up and have high attendance because of the programs they are involved in. As a mom, I see the facilities and know we as a community need to do better for our kids. They don’t need fancy. Fancy is not being requested. The facilities requested are allowing for the additional programs and sports that SHS has added over the last several years.
I personally own two homes in Stephenville. I think this bond would cost my family an additional $27-$30 a month. I’m willing to skip my family going out to eat once a month to make up for the additional taxes we will have to pay. It’s time to let SHS facilities shine as bright as our kids do.

Mindy McCleskey Pope,