God Bless America. I concluded last month’s article with those words. I was not trying to be cheeky or flippant. I want God’s blessing on America. Yet, when I read those words, something went off inside of me. No lights flashed or bells rang, just a nagging question.

Do I really mean that? What am I doing that demonstrates that I want God’s blessing on America.

It was time to look in the mirror. This time it was not to get an overall view of our nation and the problems we face. This time it was to look at me.

You see, I am not talking about your house, I am talking about mine. As the Christian, husband, father, Marine, patriot, citizen and Renaissance Redneck that I profess to be; am I doing the things in my home that I believe would enable God to bless America?

Am I taking the time to teach my children the love for my country that was instilled in me? Have I taken the time to teach my children what patriotism, good citizenship and civic responsibility looks like?

There is a story in the Old Testament book of Second Kings about a king of Israel named Josiah. When he instructed his people to restore the temple, they found the Book of the Law.

These were the instructions that God had provided them concerning how they were to conduct themselves, their lives and nation. They had been led by successive kings who paid no attention to the Law, so the instructions had been filed away and they lost track of them. God had instructed the Israelites to teach these things to their children, so that they would grow up knowing what they were responsible to do. He had told them what He expected from them, what would happen if they did it, and what to expect if they did not.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the instruction book for this nation. It was provided to us by the Founding Fathers for the establishment of our government and is the basis of our laws. It is my responsibility to ensure the Constitution is not lost for my children.

If I am the person that I declare myself to be, then I must make it a priority to teach my children the Constitution. They need to know why we have it, what it was written for, and what it says. Not on a head level like they were studying for a Civics Exam. On a heart level, so that they are aware of who we are, where we came from, why we do not want to go back there, and what it is going to take to get back on track.

It is my job to ensure that unlike Josiah, my children never find the Constitution of the United States in a building somewhere and wonder why I allowed it to be misplaced for all those years.

God Bless America!

Chance Erwin is a Christian husband, father, Marine, patriot, citizen and Renaissance Redneck. He can be reached at 5erwins2011@gmail.com.