I am writing to you on behalf of the man I consider to be the most qualified to sit in the County Judge’s chair for Erath County.

Alfonso Campos is a man of integrity, high morals, devoted husband, father, son, and brother. He is adored by his family, respected by neighbors and trusted by all. Alfonso would be a conservative County Judge that knows how to work together with the elected commissioners to govern our county. In order to govern, an elected official must be knowledgeable of the needs and desires of those that have chosen him for office and be able to guide others in making decisions for the best good of all concerned. I believe Alfonso is that person.

I have known Alfonso since he was six years old and began public school at Huckabay. I was a classroom teacher when Joe Fambro, a local rancher and generous contributor to his community, brought Alfonso, his mother and father and Alfonso’s brothers and sisters from deep in Mexico to Erath County and the sprawling Fambro ranch.

There his mother and dad began a new life. Their hard work and desire to be productive citizens of the United States and Texas resulted in success and the Campos family are productive citizens.

Five of the children were of school age back then and I remember the day when they were brought to school. None of us spoke one word of Spanish and none of the children spoke one word of English.

But language proved to be a barrier quickly broken down as the children learned English and in return children that had only spoke English learned a few words of Spanish.

As an extra bonus, the Campos kids could play basketball! (That’s a big plus at Huckabay!)

Alfonso graduated Huckabay, as did all of his brothers and sisters but formal education didn’t stop with a high school diploma. Enrolled at Tarleton, he earned a BBA in Marketing and a BA in Education. He is a graduate of Game Warden Academy, Austin, and the FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia.

He has retired from the Texas Game Warden office and is presently the pre-trial officer for Erath County.

Alfonso resides at Hannibal with Connie to whom he has been married for 28 years. They have three children, Laura, Diego and Lucia.

Voters of Erath County are fortunate to have a man with these qualifications seeking the important job as County Judge. Let’s get him elected!

Joyce Whitis