As Erath County residents begin heading to the polls for early voting, I would like to encourage you to vote for Kimberly Dowell Barrier for County Treasurer. 

I've know Kim for many years and feel she is the best candidate for this position. She graduated from Stephenville High School, received two degrees from Tarleton and has been active in the community. 

Before she "threw her hat in the ring" to become County Treasurer, she spent time with the current office holder to determine if she had the qualifications and desire to hold this position. 

Once that was determined she has made many appearances to organizations interested in meeting candidates. Kimberly is more than qualified for this position and will be an asset to the County Treasurer's Office. 

As my Father would have said "She is the salt of the earth.”

Thank you for your consideration. 


Rosemary B. Nagle,