Editor’s note: The following is a list of questions submitted to the E-T by former Stephenville mayor John Moser who requested that it be published as a letter to the editor.  The questions are directed to candidates running for Erath County judge. 

1. There has been discussion about an Erath County Convention/Events Center. What is your view of such an initiative and who should make the decision, County Commissioners Court or voter referendum?

2. How would election as county judge affect your current employment or business (if any)?

3. Do you view the county judge position as a full or part time job?  

4. While not a legal requirement for the position, do you personally own property and pay real estate taxes in Erath County?

5. How long have you been a resident of Erath County?

6. In some high population Texas counties, a few have elected to remove Confederate War monuments from public property.  What is your opinion regarding the monument now on the Courthouse Square?  If there was an initiative to remove it, who should make the decision? 

7. What are your Republican Party credentials?  Are you a supporter of the County, State, and/or National Republican Parties? Have you read and do you endorse the Party platforms?

8. Since there are no county judge candidates from the Democratic Party, I wonder why all of you chose to run in the Republican Party Primary rather than the Democratic Party Primary? 

9. In the last state-wide election in which you voted and for which there were both Republican and Democratic primaries, in which one did you vote?

10. The Commissioners’ Court oversees the development, approval and implementation of the county’s budget of $13,186,000 and supervision of the county’s 194 employees.  What financial and personnel management experience qualifies you to perform those duties?

 11. How would you characterize your views of county financial management – Conservative, Moderate, Liberal?

12. How do you view the current pay scale for county judge and commissioners – too much, too little, about right?

13. Texas now has a “License to Carry Handgun” law which replaced the previous “Concealed Handgun License.” The current law differentiates between “open” and “concealed” carry and circumstances and places where each applies.  Do you support the current law or believe it should be repealed or changed?


John T. Moser