I have heard the argument frequently that the “Bathroom Bill" is not a discriminatory bill towards Trans people, it's meant to protect our little girls and women. Protect them from predatory males. These men could pose as transgender to gain access to women's facilities. 

Ok, I have some questions. 

Are there not already laws on the books against assault and peeping in the restroom?  I'm fairly certain if someone male or female was lurking under my stall, I could call the police, who would take appropriate action. 

If the bill is intended to protect little girls from hypothetical male predators in the women's room, who is protecting my son from these same hypothetical predatory men in the men's room? If young girls are in danger of these men, then logically my son faces that same danger. Where is the bill to protect him? 

Where is the concern for Trans women? (Under this bill, they will be using the men's room.) Trans people are already at risk for hate crimes and sexual assault. Placing them in a restroom that doesn't correspond with their outward appearance puts them in danger. 

While an average person may be in the restroom with a Trans person a few times in their lifetime, a Trans person would be facing this risk every day.

So tell me again how this law is protecting our fellow humans?  It's not. 

If you are in favor of this bill at least own up to what it really is, it's a bill designed to take away the dignity of a small group of people that are different. If you are in favor of this bill, at least own up to what you are really in favor of - discrimination. 

Adrienne Martin,