Bluff Dale School and by extension Bluff Dale community is at a crossroads.  

We have the opportunity this week to prepare for a bright future by voting for the increase in our taxes which will provide enough money to retain about two teachers. Some people on fixed incomes fear the extra outlay. 

I remind them that school taxes on homes are frozen for people over 65 provided they have told the appraisal district that they have reached that milestone. For others, like myself, who have other property, ask yourself what would happen to your property values if the children of this community had to go to Stephenville?  

And the day Bluff Dale is folded into Stephenville your tax rate goes up more than this tax vote without any input by you.

Sadly our legislature failed to address the dire state of our public education funding.     

Therefore, Bluff Dale is still saddled with the burden of sending huge amounts to the state. This unfair system also prevents us from joining with one of the other small districts such as Morgan Mill or Three Way because they would be crazy to burden themselves with our high property values as that would mean they would have to send money away as we do now.  However, it is likely that students who attend those small schools might want to continue at a small school for high school and be willing to transfer to Bluff Dale.  

As a former board member, I know that it is the intention of the board to provide a quality, personal education at every grade level.

Vote "yes" to help them keep this promise.

Carol Richey,

Bluff Dale