Man, it is me or did it get hot all of a sudden? I don’t know what it means that it hit 90 before the middle of June, but I gotta think it ain’t good. Sorry, T.R. Ellis, English teacher extraordinaire, I just had to use the word “ain’t.”

And what is it with tall the creepy crawly stuff people keep posting on social media? Seems about everyone I know has posted a photo of something slitherin’ up on something or crawling up on things. Snakes and spiders (big spiders) and all manner of bugs. One friend from high school even had an owl get in after her chickens (Hey, Brenda Walsh, you are brave woman for going out there with that owl and don’t let anyone tell you anything different).

Don’t even get me started on the fleas. I have tried everything I can get my hands on for poor little Bella, and we are still fighting the itch. But even with all of that, I think I am happy to see summer on its way.

I think.

It doesn’t need to get all super dry though or I will change my mind.

I was reading a piece online about how kids now days don’t do summer like we did back in the day. They seldom spend an entire day outside or in front of the television under the water cooler. And I think they also seldom get told to entertain themselves. My mother was a great mom to little kids, but she cooked dinner every night, did laundry, cleaned house and worked full-time. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for planned children’s activities. She sent us out to play or to a bedroom and if you said you were bored, she told you to clean something. My brothers were never bored.

But we learned from those experiences. We found our own passions. So don’t let the kids get the summer blues. Open the front or back door and push them outside. They won’t die from sun exposure. (Give them sunscreen) If you don’t want them drinking from the hose, put a cooler full of bottled water out there with them. Make sure there is a source of shade and some books to read. Set up the sprinkler.

Happy birthday Thursday to Charles Carter of Sherman; Chandler Souther and Margaret Willma Nabors, both of Denison; Debbie Souther of Pottsboro; Carlos Chapman of Dallas; and Tammy Hunter of Houston.

Happy anniversary Thursday to Gerald and Mary Souther of Luella, and James and Mary Nell Rodgers of Whitesboro, 59 years.