In last Saturday’s paper was a letter titled “Come home to the Democratic Party.” When I started reading it I thought it was a satirical comment and then realized the writer was serious. Personally I am not of either party but I am a Conservative.

Years ago I was a Democrat until they turned against my beliefs and headed down this road to “Liberalism.” There may be many like thoughts and actions between the major parties as the writer suggests but there is a broad chasm between my beliefs and what the Democratic party stands for today.

The writer stated that many of us that backed Trump are disappointed and unhappy with the direction this presidency is going. To that I would say, you are looking and listening to very biased and liberal polls and media. You want us to attach ourselves to a party that uses some of the most public derogatory remarks I have ever heard. Some of these remarks are so outrageous and threatening I wonder what the reaction would be if the subject was Obama.

When looking at the history of the Democratic Party they have stood against things that would bind our country including fighting against the civil rights act of the 50s and 60s and welfare programs that do not help people up but hold them back.

The media and the National Democratic Party keep hammering the immigrant issue but this is about lawbreakers who came here illegally. This isn’t about racial profiling. This is about obeying the law. How would those that come here illegally feel if someone broke into their home? To me there is no difference. Can a person be so callous that they can go around our laws and think that is okay? If they do offer amnesty, what about the ones who have immigrated to our country legally?

Your party has slammed the Republicans by calling them the party of “NO.” Are the Democrats acting any different now or in the past when they were in control? Listen to some of the speeches from any past president and see if Trump has said anything they haven’t said about border control or terrorism, with the exception of Obama who emboldened them both.

We are all Americans and need to work together. This president was elected to the office he holds per our Constitution. So when does your party start showing some respect for the office and help instead of hindering?  By the way I’m not a Trump fan but maybe an outsider like Trump can get some of this BS gridlock removed. The Democratic Party needs to get its house in order before lecturing others on what is right or wrong because we “Deplorables” from Middle America are fed up.

Charles Richard Bragg,