Ten or so years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Stephenville for the first time when I spent a weekend helping my good friend Nick Robinson move from Fort Worth.

Nick and I have known each other since middle school and I didn’t quite know what to make of his decision to move to this city in middle Texas that I had never heard of. But after spending that weekend there I understood.

To my eye, Stephenville was a beautiful town, seemingly full of good, hard working people, and I knew Nick would fit right in.

You see, one of Nick’s signature traits has always been his dedication to hard work. In high school, while most of us were satisfied with simply riding around or otherwise wasting our time, Nick was busy at the local grocery store working his way up from bagger to office assistant, a job he kept up until he moved away to college.

That would have been a lot to expect from any of us at that age, but Nick did it without neglecting either his grades or shirking his involvement with community service projects. This speaks not only to his work ethic but also to his integrity, which has always been another one of his signature traits.

I guess that just goes to show that some people never change because Nick continues to this day to work hard at both his job and raising his family. I have no doubt that if he’s elected, Nick will bring this same ethic and dedication to his job as city councilman.

I regret that I don’t live in Stephenville, so I could cast a vote for him myself on May 6th.

Kurt Hahn,

Athens, GA