Stephenville’s future impacts all of Erath County in a very real way. Those who live outside the city limits should voice their support for those who will move Stephenville forward. I do not personally know every city council candidate, but I base my support on the actions of those they align themselves with.

Councilman Jerry Warren recently asked for votes in favor of Sherry Zackery because he “hates the idea of sitting next to 300 pounds or so of pure ego.” Mr. Warren has yet to apologize for the comment regarding David Baskett’s weight. Those who Mr. Warren is aligned with, including Zackery, have also failed to speak out against his unprofessionalism.

Councilwoman and Zackery supporter Carla Trussell’s social media post says, “Young people from lack of experience are often puzzled over the future.” The only thing puzzling is unwillingness of some on the council to work toward a prosperous future. As a young person, I want to avoid tax hikes when possible, but I understand if we continue to ignore increased infrastructure demands, and fail to promote growth and development, surrounding cities will flourish while we wish we had planned better.

During the April 4th council meeting, Sherry Zackery requested to see figures by end of April regarding the cost of a potential event center. It is not yet known exactly what the center would offer, much less cost, but Ms. Zackery ignored those facts and used numbers from an old study to suggest the cost will be borne entirely by city tax dollars. I would venture to say, she would not be so concerned about the timing of receiving this information if there weren’t an election next month.

I commend Ms. Zackery’s success as a business owner, but our city is not a cash only business. It is not a place that will enjoy years of success without changing how we operate.

We need progress. We deserve decency. Ms. Trussell feels there is an age minimum to understanding what is at stake and Mr. Warren has shown his lack of decency. Neither are up for re-election this year, but they both strongly support Sherry Zackery, presumably because she aligns with their way of thinking and believe progress happens by failing to plan. I urge voters to consider the long term effects of this election and vote for progress and professionalism. A vote for David Baskett will serve us well.

Ricky Thurman,