The Stephenville City Council election of 2017 is of the utmost importance.  It will determine if the balance of power stays in conservative hands, or whether it reverts back to those who practice a more liberal and progressive ideology.

Nick Robinson (Place 1) is a proven conservative. He has served the people of Stephenville well as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner for the last two years.  During that time he has consistently voted for smaller government and a business friendly environment.  Nick Robinson is also a passionate supporter of lower property taxes and responsible spending.  He will be a good steward of the people's money. He truly understands the difference between a want and a need. Nick also knows what it takes to attract new employers to this community. He is a manager of a local small business, and truly understands the Stephenville marketplace. His business expertise will provide valuable insight regarding how to best attract and retain employers.

Doug Svien (Place 3) has represented the people of Stephenville well for many years. He is a proven conservative who voted against the property tax increase of 2013 and for lowering property taxes in 2014.  He is the C.E.O. of a large organization which employs hundreds of people, and has the accounting and financial knowledge, and proven track record of leadership, that is surely the envy of all surrounding communities.

Rhett Harrison (Place 5) has been an effective conservative voice on the City Council.  He is a passionate and vocal supporter of lower property taxes, and has effectively argued for cost savings at every opportunity.  Rhett is a proven budget hawk.  Thanks to his leadership, he was able to save the Stephenville taxpayer nearly a quarter million dollars on a needlessly expensive bridge repair project.  He knows that you do not have to accept an initial estimate as final. He truly understands the art of the deal and how to effectively negotiate.

Sherry Zachery (Place 7) is also an effective conservative voice on the City Council.  She argued passionately against the property tax increase of 2013 as a private citizen, and then promptly voted to lower them in 2014 during her first year in office.  She understands that your money belongs to you, not the government, and you should be allowed to keep more of your own hard earned money.  She is a true and passionate conservative.

Thank you,

Justin Allison