The old adage, “If you don’t like the weather in Texas hang around a minute and it will change” certainly seems to be the case as we kick off the month of March.  February proved to be one for the record books with 12 days at 80 degrees or above.  March roared in like a lion, as the saying goes, with wind and a 20-degree drop in temperature to make us realize spring is but a myth in the distant future.

It’s hard to know how to dress or how to send kids to school in the right attire.  I’m willing to bet there are an untold number of boxes locked away in schools that contain abandoned jackets and coats where moms diligently sent their kids, warm and bundled up, in the morning only to have them shed their layers in the afternoon as temps peaked in the mid-80s.

I recently made an appointment at the spa to have a pedicure.  I love wearing sandals but had to wear snow boots the very next day because winter wasn’t about to let go and give up.  

One thing weather isn’t in Texas is boring.  I’ve seen cardinals and blue jays huddled under the heat lamps in my dog kennels because they were frigid and cold and Hummingbirds have yet to make an appearance.  Horses walk around in a partial ritual of shedding and dogs molt to lose their winter hair one day and cling desperately to it the next as cold wind and rain pelts them from a fast moving cold front.

March is a transition month.  It is not quite summer and winter will not give in to warmer days. One wonders if it just wouldn’t be better to stay in bed until mid afternoon versus trying to figure out what to wear and whether or not to continue disking your garden space.

Weather is as colorful as your imagination and each morning I struggle with the dilemma of wearing long johns or cuddle dudes under my jeans or gambling on a tank top and shorts.  If I choose the later I shiver and shake until the day unfolds and then wonder the rest of the afternoon why it was such a big deal.

March roared in like a lion and blew flowerpots across the road and reminded me one thing I do not have and that is control of Mother Nature.  She works to keep us humble, on our toes and reminds us there is just some things technology and modern philosophies cannot take hold of.  We can do and dictate lots of things but weather is not one of them.

I long to sit in the outdoor patio area of my favorite restaurant but weather is still the variable and sometimes just a bowl of stew or hot chocolate warms the insides as the wind howls and reminds me Spring has not made up its mind.

You would think there would be some balance and subtle transition as spring approaches.  All of us are anxious to get outside and I’m sure come summer when it is 102 degrees we will be wishing for the wind and the cooler temps that March now toys with. 

It’s good to see the leaves beginning to appear on trees but I can’t help but wonder about that so called “Easter Spell” my grandmother always referred to.  Invariably, the last freeze would come when the fruit trees had blossomed and we had already moved the indoor plants outside.

Everyone knows the mesquite is the last tree to leaf out because it won’t be fooled. No wonder it is so prolific. I suppose we should all take a lesson and work at being patient.

I’m headed to run errands here in a bit. Just tossed my parka and boots in the back seat of my car.  I’m taking a chance on my sandals and a short sleeve shirt.  One thing Texas weather does and that is keep us awake and on guard.  It’s never boring and if you need a change it should be here shortly. 

Melinda Clements is an E-T community columnist. She can be reached at