I'm sad that the people who “marched for life” this past week in DC, and have applauded President Trump’s re-instating of the Mexico City policy that defunds abortion overseas did not also show up at the DFW airport protesting our president’s recent executive order on immigration which suspends refugee resettlement from Syria, and essentially halts immigration from seven Muslim majority countries.

If we care about unborn lives abroad, should we not also care about the thousands of people abroad whose very lives are threatened because of war and persecution?

According to the Human Rights organization I Am Syria, 450,000 people died in 2016 due to the Syrian conflict, and 50,000 of those were children.

People argue that we should put US interests before those of the refugees abroad, and while I affirm the need to have secure borders and protect our citizens, the current refugee resettlement process is secure.

Under Obama, refugees underwent a 2-year vetting process that began with the UN’s vetting, and ended with a personal interview with a Department of Homeland Security official.

Only about 50% of Syrian refugees pass through this process and are admitted to the US.

To call ourselves pro-life (and especially if we want to enforce a pro-life agenda abroad) and yet to halt refugee resettlement is a contradiction.

I urge my friends who have passionately advocated for the unborn to just as passionately battle for the thousands of vulnerable refugees who are being shut out due to this executive order.

I urge my pastor friends who have spoken up in their pulpits on Sanctity of Life Sunday on behalf of the pro-life cause to just as passionately speak up for the sanctity of refugee lives from their pulpits.

Pro-life means pro-refugee.

Stephanie Ebert,