Tommy Bryant and I have been friends for more than thirty years. I have never had a more honest, credible, loving, caring, and humble friend than Tommy.

Tommy was an exceptional person, a dedicated husband, father and public servant. The people of Erath County knew he was an exceptional person because he received over 70% of the vote in every re-election race he ran. Tommy was always humbled and appreciative of the support he received and he was exceptionally proud of his position as Sheriff of Erath County. I used to tease him about what a bad campaigner he was, but he just was not the type person to beg for votes or toot his own horn. Luckily, he had lots of friends who were happy to stand up for him at election time.

Tommy was a proud person. He was proud of his family, his profession, and Erath County. During all of is political races he never faced any controversy until his last race and he felt humiliated by some of the comments about him on social media during that election. He won the election by a “landslide”, and he got over the criticism. I told him if he felt sorry for himself he could come read some of my past “Senate mail”. We laughed together about this. Then the issue came up about an investigation by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement. The issue was about his compliance with continuing education requirements. Tommy was not aware he was being investigated by TCOLE until recently. He was never interviewed by an investigator from TCOLE and he did not know the substance of the investigation other that it related to continuing education requirements. Then articles were published in the Stephenville Empire Tribune, Flash News, and opinions were published on social media. Regardless of all of these comments, I can assure you, based on my thirty year friendship with Tommy, he did not have a crooked bone in this body and I have never heard him say a derogatory word about another person. Even with the comments on social media, Tommy never lashed out or criticized anyone for their comments. It was just not in his nature. Again, Tommy felt he had been deserted by his community and his friends. In my conversations with Tommy, I told him that he had more friends in Erath County than anyone I knew and all of the other elected officials in Erath County would love to change places with him with his overwhelming support in past elections. Tommy was just too proud to take unjustified criticism. Tommy just had no conception or understanding of the negative campaigning that is now the standard for statewide and national elections. I guess statewide and national elections are no the place for honest and proud men and women.

Tommy, I want you to know that you were loved in this community and you had more friends than anyone I know. You will be missed and our hearts are broken for what has happened to you. The Good Lord has a place for you because of your dedication to your family, church, community, profession and friends. “Well Done - You have been a true and faithful servant”.

I am proud to say that Tommy Bryant was my friend.

Senator Bob Glasgow,