My daughter called to inform me of the death of our sheriff. Additionally, she stated that some of the comments being posted on Facebook were cruel and condemning. Since I do not socialize on Facebook, I felt it was important to write this response to the editor of our paper.  

Who knows but our Maker the depths of a person's mental and emotional pain? Who are we to think that we can begin to understand why someone would take their own life, especially if we have never battled with such overwhelming thoughts that a person can struggle with that easily lasts from the moment they wake up and throughout each moment of each day, until they finally fall asleep. 

What is it like to long for one single positive thought to make them feel, even for a second of relief to believe that life is worth living.  Until you have walked these steps; lived these agonizing moments of seemingly endless time, lasting days, weeks , months and even years, there is no right for anyone to judge the thoughts that led to the final action of this man. 

Many of us have miraculously lived through these times of despair and desperation, having come out stronger and more positive on the other side of it. Many are still in the middle of this struggle, trying to hang on to life and somehow managing to keep on fighting to live at least for one more day. And yet, I would venture to say, that not one single person in these two groups would dare to condemn those who did not make it. 

So, I encourage those who are quick to condemn to STOP. Consider whatever you wish that others do to you, do also to them, especially if you were in their place and learn to grieve with those who grieve and rejoice with those who rejoice.

Lenora Hoag,