Editor’s note: The following is a letter from Larry and Debra Ciccarelli’s son, Jason. 

Jason is 40, but due to a post-birth stroke has a young person’s mind and innocence. Jason has been seriously ill this December, but is back home and dictated his annual letter to Santa. Debra submitted the letter to be shared with our readers. 

Dearest Santa –

How is it going? I know you are busy but I wanted to tell you I’m out of the hospital now and ready to receive your funny letter. My Mom and Dad have been working long hours since then to make up being with me in that stinky place but I feel much better – how about you? 

This year I’ve included a copy of a few of my favorite past letters you have sent to me – they are awesome! My Mom stores them in a special place – hope you enjoy them! Remember I’m diabetic so as usual, I’ll be placing carrots and a sugar-free cookie with skim milk out for you on Christmas Eve – will you please share the carrots with Rudolph and Rosie – how are their kids? 

I wish I could see my Grandma – I’m still kinda recovering and the nurse says no to getting in crowds right now and no to leaving out of town. SOOOOO, would you please give my Grandma a hard time – I love to have Mom read your letters where Grandma is being silly – she is so funny! 

I love you, Santa – did you know I am now 40 years old? Somebody told me a while back someday I may move to a nursing home but I hope not, I live in a great group home with my friends, Rickey, Hank and Martha – where do you really live? With your wife and reindeer or do you have a summer home, too?

I better go, Mom and Dad are wrapping presents – I wish I could send one to you. Mom said to look inside this letter and a little gift to Grandma is inside – please give it to her, she deserves it. 

Your truest friend,

Jason Ciccarelli