I am writing this in response to the construction/parking situation currently at Tarleton. Beginning two to three weeks before classes began, construction was started on Vanderbilt St. in front of the Bosque Crossing apartments. 

From Neblett to Frey the street was blocked off as they worked on installing a drain system. While this didn’t really affect traffic before school, once students started moving into the apartments again, that is when the trouble began. 

In my commute to work, I am required to either take Neblett or Cain to enter my parking lot through a gate. These are the only two streets that I, and most other staff and faculty, can take. 

Since the construction is blocking the entrance and exit to the parking garage for the apartments, students do not have anywhere to park. Therefore, the day they began moving in they started to park on both sides of Neblett, Cain and Jones streets.

The street is not very big and actually has “do not park anytime” signs on both sides for this reason. With cars parked on both sides, this allows only once vehicle to drive down the street, specifically on Neblett. 

After a few days, the students did not find other places to park, and the construction was still not finished. Calls were made to Tarleton parking/police first, who responded that those were city streets and the apartments were not owned by Tarleton, therefore it was out of their hands. 

They recommended to call Stephenville police. I made that call, only to be told that it was out of their hands as well because construction was not finished and as long as an emergency vehicle could drive down the street, there wasn’t a problem. 

Several people I have spoken with have made the same phone calls as I have and have been told the same thing. A co-worker of mine called the police and was told that it was Tarleton’s problem and they should have to handle it. 

My reason for writing this letter is to highlight how I believe Tarleton and the city are not working together to solve a problem that is currently happening. 

If a police officer would at least direct traffic that could help alleviate the problem until construction is finished. Another solution would be to place “one way” signs to create a better flow of traffic. 

Attempts to do this have been sent in email out to Tarleton employees, however that has done nothing to solve the problem. This is not only an accident waiting to happen but is also creating a problem not just for me and other staff at Tarleton, but the students as well.

They have no choice but to park where they are until construction is finished. I would also like to note that construction is not being hurried in any way at the moment. Evenings and weekends the construction zone is empty. I know that construction can take a lot longer than planned for, as well as at inconvenient times. 

I do however believe that it is up to the city and Tarleton to keep our staff, faculty and students safe. We have asked multiple times for an office to be sent to direct traffic during peak times. I haven’t seen one once. Both parties need to stop pointing the finger at each other and begin working together to solve the problem. 

Lacey Cook,