When asked if they support drug testing for students involved in extracurricular activities at SISD, readers gave the measure an overwhelming response.

Definitely! - Rhonda Turpin Daily

Yes! I think all kids 7th grade and up need tested. - Tanya Raye Hatch

Absolutely - Jodie Shelton Baker

Yes - Nancy Martinez

Yes - Gordonna Dennis

Yes, yes, yes for all! - Marie Cumpian

Test all kids - Jimmy King

Oh heck yes - Denise Nowell

The thing I always found when I was in high school was that the athletes and academic competitors were not the primary group participating in drugs. Usually the "druggies" weren't involved in extracurricular activities. If they test then everyone should be subject to the drug testing! - Virginia Huston

That's interesting as I have found that it's equally spread over all the cliques....the athletes were always given a pass on bad behavior. - Becky Barckhoff

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