While having been a resident of Erath county since 1964, I currently live outside Stephenville limits so am not eligible to vote in the upcoming City Council election but if able, would enthusiastically vote for Carla Trussell!

Carla and I were classmates and friends from 7th grade all the way through TSU. In the 1990's she very effectively taught both of my kids at Huckabay Elementary. We all held her in high regard in that capacity. She was then and is now an outstanding educator. 

For over 50 years, I have known Carla to be very intelligent, yet logical; a quick study who draws correct and accurate conclusions; a hard worker; excruciatingly honest, if you don't want her honest answer, don't ask her the question! You will always know where she stands on public issues. While very active in politics, she is not a "politician."  She can and will assess situations and proposals matter-of-factly without preconceived bias or favoritism and conclude what is best for the city and taxpayers.

Please support and vote Carla Trussell for Stephenville City Council; our community needs and will be especially well served by her!

Thank you,

Nat Wofford