I am writing in support of Carla Trussell for Stephenville City Council, Place 2.  Two years ago, when Carla's challenger, Russ McDanel, ran for re-election to the city council, he pledged to the people of Stephenville that he would do "everything not to raise taxes and to keep taxes low."

While it is true that Mr. McDanel has not voted to raise taxes, most people would expect that a leader who had campaigned on a platform of keeping taxes low would jump at the opportunity to lower taxes even more, if given the opportunity. Sadly, this was not the case as Mr. McDanel voted against the lower tax rate, certainly not listening to the people. Carla Trussell will listen to the people.

Carla Trussell is a fiscally responsible conservative who will look out for the city and its finances as an advocate for you.  In the past 11 months Carla's challenger has voted in favor of nearly 1 million in studies. He even voted to spend $36,000 on the study, research & feasibility in purchasing property for the controversial multi-purpose center that has gone nowhere. Carla believes, as do I, that the multi-purpose center should have been presented to the public before ever spending a dime on it. Carla Trussell will be a cautious steward of your tax money.

Carla's challenger pledged to keep taxes low and when he was elected in 2014, stating that he was the voice of the people and they wanted taxes low too. Apparently, Russ has stopped listening. The citizens deserve council members that will really listen to the people. And we need council members who will be responsible with our tax dollars. Therefore, I will give my vote to Carla Trussell and I hope you will too.

Nick Robinson,