Sometimes I ask myself, how did we get so stupid? 

Then a couple of young women grab some spray paint and begin making their mark on a city bridge. When people actually begin to defend them, I say to myself, ‘Oh yeah.’ 

After their pictures were captured on camera and spread on social media a few days ago, the dynamic duo waltzed into the police station, confessed to the graffiti and promised to clean up the mess they had created last Saturday afternoon.

By late Monday morning, Picasso and Rembrandt were back underneath the bridge, this time painting over their not-so-creative masterpiece.  

The story appeared on the E-T’s website and Facebook page on Monday and what came next was a dizzying display of dumb.

The wannabe artists were praised for turning themselves in (I wonder if they would have done so had they not been caught on camera). 

Others actually suggested their artistic abilities should be encouraged with one person writing, “If (it’s) clean, let 'em paint away! Good graffiti is truly an art (insert smiley face). Better than the drab concrete,” to which the author of that post got nine thumbs up. 

Absurdity, it seems, has no closer friends. 

Call me boring, but I like my concrete plain, thank you. In fact, the ‘drabbier’ the better. Ditto for the rest of my property. 

And I’m pretty sure the city and most of its residents would agree.

Graffiti is not art, it’s vandalism, and unless we are comfy with Stephenville looking like the hood, it should not be tolerated. 

I would suggest that if you fancy yourself the artistic sort, grab an easel and get to work. 

Otherwise, painting references to Austin and Houston, where apparently the “artists” are from, is about as artistic as the stick people I draw in Pictionary. 

After days of waiting, I have given up hope that the voice of reason will spring up on Facebook and offer these young women some sound advice, so I’m going to give them a bit of my own. 

Ladies, Stephenville may not be your hometown, but it’s where you live and go to school. Residents here want you to enjoy our city, but we expect you to take care of it.

Defacing other people’s property, including the city’s, is shameful. Surely, you are better than this. 

Second chances, like the one you both received when the city opted to not press charges, are a good thing. Don’t blow yours. 

Sara Vanden Berge is the managing editor of the Empire-Tribune. She can be reached at 968-2379 or Follow her on Twitter @ETeditor.