It's interesting to see the increasing number of glossy political flyers we are receiving in the mail as we approach the primary election. These flyers are very expensive and I wonder where the money comes from to pay for them. I was always taught that when it comes to politics, it was a good idea to follow the money. I don't believe it is coming from the people of our district supporting specific candidates, but from the power brokers in Austin. A good, honest candidate challenging the status quo, does not receive these generous donations.

Also, have you ever noticed how political candidates claim to be conservative and concerned about our well being, until they are elected or re elected and then all bets are off? A prime example is J.D. Sheffield, running for State Representative, who recently chose to spend our money on "diversity training" rather than spend it to protect our borders. Is that in the best interest of the people of OUR district or state or does it serve the liberal agenda in Austin?

It is also notable that J.D. Sheffield, who claims to be a representative of the people, has avoided three candidate forums where he would have to discuss and compare his positions with those of his challenger. It appears that J.D. is afraid to meet with his employers and defend his positions. Two of the candidate forums had bent over backward to accommodate J.D. only to have him cancel his attendance at the last minute, in the case of the Erath County forum (which was attended by over 100 citizens) his staff called only 30 minutes before the scheduled meeting with no explanation.


Lee Barlow,