A new group of community columnists has been selected and will debut in September.

The majority of the group is comprised of several familiar faces - those whose writings have gained a following during the past year - and three new writers who will be featured on Tuesday's Mature Living page.

Bill Norris is a math teacher and blogger who will address education issues. He raises cattle just outside of Dublin and served two terms on the Dublin ISD school board.

"I was raised an Army brat, so I have had the opportunity to live all over the world," Norris wrote in his application. "I believe that my experiences give me a unique perspective that I can bring to my writing."

Norris' columns will appear on the first Tuesday of the month.

Dr. Dwayne Shaffer will pen columns aimed at helping others improve their lives through personal responsibility and community involvement. His column will appear on the second Tuesday of the month.

Joy Nagle said she loves her husband, children, God and her country.

"I consider myself as one of the happiest persons in the world because of what I love," she wrote in her application.

Nagle will share that enthusiasm with readers on the third Tuesday of the month.

Coming back to Friday's editorial page are Donnie Bryant, Bill Hodges, Bob Newby and Tommy Richardson.

Jon Koonsman's wildly popular writings will continue to appear on the second and fourth Sundays of the month.

In Sunday's Lifestyles section, Shelby Slawson, Jackie Melvin and Sherri Knight will continue to entertain readers with their tales of motherhood, life and history.