A rezoning request from a new business raised concern for Stephenville Mayor Nancy Hunter Tuesday.

Golden Chick, located at 1112 W. Washington Street, asked the council to change the zoning from B-1 "Neighborhood Business District" to B-2 "Retail and Commercial Business District."

Betty Chew, director of community development, said when the building was constructed in the 1970s, the B-1 classification allowed for a drive-thru. But the council has since amended the zoning classification, and the structures in the Neighborhood Business District cannot have a drive-thru.

Chew said the business owner wants to get into compliance with current zoning requirements, and when the facility was recently renovated, the building was allowed to keep the drive-thru because the use of the property did not change and the facility was not expanded.

Hunter asked why the business owner was requesting the change. Chew said if the property was destroyed and needed to be rebuilt, a drive-thru would not be allowed under B-1.

Chew said the owner of the restaurant paid the required $300 rezoning fee, which caused Hunter's eyebrow to raise.

Hunter asked why a business should be made to pay the price of getting into compliance when council action created the non-compliance issue. She said the city is running the risk of denying the efforts of people who are "trying to be good community partners" when they charge fees on such requests.

While the rezoning received the full support of the council, Hunter said how the city addresses similar issues should be discussed at a future meeting.