Dublin Mayor Becky Norris has hit the ground running since taking office in June. Norris presented Operation Facelift Monday - her first formal proposal as mayor - and received the support of the Dublin Economic Development Corporation which is funding the $2,600 project.

"I am very pleased and excited that the EDC approved my proposal," Norris said. "I am extremely optimistic about the project and excited about the support people continue giving Operation Facelift."

Phase 1 of the project includes painting new facades across the front of four vacant downtown buildings. Once complete, the old movie theater and three buildings near the Corner Lot will depict scenes reminiscent of Dublin's past including a tea room, shops and movie theater.

Some of the buildings are currently for sale and Norris hopes the project will not only beautify the area, but help prospective buyers realize potential business opportunities.

"These buildings have a lot of potential once you look past the current dilapidated state they appear to be in," Norris said.

Benches and planters will also line streets in Dublin.

Norris will "assemble the troops" at 8 a.m. Saturday to begin clean up and begin painting.

"Everyone is invited to be a part of Operation Facelift," Norris said. "We start work on Saturday morning and will hold other work days in the future."

Volunteers are asked to bring any available tools to assist in cleanup and painting.

For more information, contact Norris at beckyn@embarqmail.com.